Post Week 6 SEC Power Rankings


Oct. 8, 2016; College Station, TX; Trevor Knight (8) of Texas A&M Aggies celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Tennessee Volunteers at Kyle Field. Photo: Bleacher Report

14. Mississippi State
Last Week: 14th
Last Week Result: Loss to Auburn 38-14

Mississippi State stays at the bottom of the rankings for this week. They looked absolutely terrible against Auburn and there is no other way to put it. Much of the mainstream media has the Bulldogs ranked much higher than I do, but I believe that is just because they play in the west and are given the benefit of the doubt. Regardless, the loss to South Alabama and their close game against UMASS is enough for me to solidify them as the worst team in the SEC right now.

13. Vanderbilt
Last Week: 12th
Last Week Result: Loss to Kentucky 20-13

I really had high hopes for Vanderbilt this year. I thought they were going to finally get over the hurdle with Derek Mason and even make a bowl game. It is appearing more evident with every week that this will not be the case, and Derek Mason is likely coaching his final season as Vanderbilt’s head coach. Vandy currently sits at 2-4 on the season with what only appears two more winnable games on the schedule. Things are not looking good right now, and I do not see it getting any better either.

12. Missouri
Last Week: 10th
Last Week Result: BYE

Missouri dropped two spots despite not playing a game this past weekend. That loss against LSU is looking worse and worse now considering how other teams are playing. South Carolina played Georgia close, as did Missouri; however, this is the Post Week 6 Power Rankings. This means that what happened this past weekend impacts this ranking more than anything else. Also Kentucky picked up a win on Saturday which propelled them ahead, as well.

11. South Carolina
Last Week: 11th
Last Week Result: Loss to Georgia 28-14

The Gamecocks hosted Georgia on Sunday afternoon due Hurricane Matthew. Credit to South Carolina and Georgia for still playing this game, which is more than Florida and LSU can say. Nevertheless, South Carolina was close at the end, only an onside kick away from having a chance to tie the game. Only, Georgia recovered the kick and took it 45 yards to the house to put the game on ice. Still, I give credit to what South Carolina was able to accomplish, mainly allowing Jacob Eason to only throw for 29 yards. Now if only they can work on their run defense, because that is what ultimately lost the game for South Carolina.

10. Kentucky
Last Week: 13th
Last week Result: Win over Vanderbilt 20-13

Oh, Kentucky. This team just cannot make up their minds on whether they want to be good or not. When it seemed like the Wildcats were not going to win a game all season, other than Austin Peay of course, they face South Carolina and pick up their first conference win, next they show up and give a valiant effort against Alabama, and lastly they follow that up with a victory over Vanderbilt. Obviously, these are not premier SEC wins, but somebody had to win them and Kentucky has done their part, so far. Kentucky is entering their bye week, but following that they have a legit chance to make a bowl game this season. Winnable game still remain against Mississippi State and Missouri, and if Kentucky manages to pull those off, including a win against the juggernaut that is the Austin Peay Governors, Mark Stoops might not have to fear for his job after all.

9. Georgia
Last Week: 8th
Last Week Result: Win over South Carolina 28-14

Georgia has been searching for their identity all season under 1st year head coach Kirby Smart. Well this did not change Sunday against South Carolina, even though the Bulldogs escaped with a 14 point victory. Freshman quarterback Jacob Eason, who has been compared to Matt Stafford, threw for a whopping 29 passing yards. No that is not a typo, the 5 star Freshman Phenom completed 5 passes on 17 attempts. He did have one touchdown pass but 29 passing yards for the ENTIRE GAME is absurd, especially considering the type of game he had the week before against Tennessee. Luckily for Georgia, Chubb and Michel each put up over 100 yards on the ground, carrying their team to a win with little help from their quarterback. I think Eason is going to be a great quarterback for years to come, he just needs to find himself. Thankfully, Georgia will host Vanderbilt this weekend, and Eason should be plenty capable of putting on a show to make up for his performance last week.

8. Arkansas
Last Week: 5th
Last Week Result: Loss to Alabama 49-30

I do not think I have ever been so disappointed in a team that I have no affiliation to. I boasted and bragged all last week about how Arkansas was going to cover the 14 point spread on multiple occasions. On the podcast I pretty much all but guaranteed a cover by Arkansas, only to be shot down. Alabama had this game covered before it even started. I am still not sure if this is a case of just how overmatched Arkansas was due Alabama just being that much better, or if Arkansas was overhyped coming into this matchup. Arkansas does not have much time to dwell on this, though. Their schedule does not get any easier as they take on the only team that has come close to beating Alabama this year, Ole Miss. I would keep an eye on this game, because I do not think Arkansas is a bad team and after losing to Saban, they’ll be looking for revenge against the Rebels.

7. LSU
Last Week: 7th
Last Week Result: Game Postponed

There really is not much to say here. If you want to know my thoughts on the Florida/LSU situation you can listen to the podcast from last week. Hopefully the game gets made up, but at this point I do not think it will. Oh well, LSU gets an extra bye week to get ready for Southern Miss.

6. Florida
Last Week: 6th
Last Week Result: Game Postponed

Same thing as LSU, I will not get into this here, even though Florida is to blame for the whole situation. Florida will get a bye, followed by a game against Mizzou, and then another bye heading in to the final stretch of the season. Florida will be extremely well rested for their two most critical matchups remaining with Georgia and Arkansas, and if you are a Tennessee fan you have to hope that they lose at least one of them.

5. Auburn
Last Week: 9th
Last Week Result: Win over Mississippi State 38-14

The biggest movers this week are the Auburn Tigers. They downright manhandled Mississippi State, and managed to get themselves back into the AP top 25. Auburn might have won their game pretty convincingly, but it was only Mississippi State. And had LSU and Florida played each other Auburn would not be ranked 5th right now, but Auburn did pick up a win this past weekend which is more than LSU or Florida can say.

4. Ole Miss
Last Week: 4th
Last Week Result: BYE

Ole Miss had their bye this week, but that did not keep Chad Kelly from making the headlines. Apparently, he rushed the field at his younger brother’s high school football game in an attempt to join a brawl that was happening. Personally, I applaud Kelly for running out there and standing up for his younger brother. Honestly, almost any person with a backbone would have stormed the field in the same situation; the only difference is Kelly plays quarterback for the Ole Miss Rebels. As for college football, Ole Miss doesn’t move this week. This could change this weekend though, for they travel to Fayetteville to battle the Hogs.

3. Tennessee
Last week: 3rd
Last Week Result: Loss to Texas A&M 45-38

Well, Tennessee lost. Their magical run has come to an end. They are all out of miracles. They have lost their voodoo. But this is still a really good team and gave Texas A&M one hell of a fight, despite repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot with all the turnovers. Tennessee has to be given credit for forcing the game into double overtime after having six turnovers in regulation, but on the same hand it should not be celebrated that Tennessee was close to winning. Fans of Tennessee should be upset they lost to the Aggies because they were the better team. It just so happens that the better team doesn’t always win. Looking ahead Tennessee will have Alabama at home this weekend. Tennessee should be relatively healthy for this game, which raises the intrigue that much more.

2. Texas A&M
Last Week: 2nd
Last Week result: Beat Tennessee 45-38

There are two undefeated teams remaining in the SEC and Texas A&M is one of them. After holding off Tennessee in double overtime, the Aggies enter their bye week with hopes of getting their team healthy for a matchup with Alabama on the 22nd of October. This game could very well decide who gets to make the trip to Atlanta in early December, so it is imperative that A&M gets their players healthy. This includes likely top 3 NFL draft pick, Myles Garrett, who saw limited action against Tennessee. It seems pretty clear that the Aggies are the second best team in the SEC right now, and in order for Texas A&M to make that jump to number one the one major improvement I need to see is Trevor Knight’s accuracy. Everyone will know if they are ready to make that jump soon, because if there is one team capable of taking advantage of an inaccurate quarterback it is Alabama.

1. Alabama
Last Week: 1st
Last Week Result: Beat Arkansas 49-30

New power rankings and yet again, the same result for Alabama. This team is clicking on all cylinders right now, and they are sitting pretty at 6-0 on the season. Saban and his team handled Arkansas a lot better than I projected, easily covering the 14 point spread. Jalen Hurts has really taken control of this team and he has been nothing but impressive as a true freshman. He’ll have to play lights out again this weekend though, as their perfect season will be tested when they travel to Knoxville. Tennessee almost pulled off the upset last October in Tuscaloosa; with what many believe to be a worse team than what they are sporting this season. Alabama will certainly have their hands full, but I am sure Saban welcomes the test.



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